Letter to my clients, present and future

Dear Friends,

I know you want something more. Something unique, and personal. More than just a likeness of your family on a backdrop saying ‘cheese’, you want to see the love you have for each other in print, in an artistic way.  Our relaxed sessions make getting family portraits fun for everyone (yes, even for your husband and two year old!).

I am local to Nevada County, so I know all the great places to go to capture your family’s real smiles and personality in a great setting that suites your style and decor. I am a lifestyle photographer, I work with ambient lighting, reflectors and off camera flash (depending on the lighting situation), so that together we can create a piece of photographic art that will stir up the memories of how you felt at that moment with your family. I want to capture that connection, not the pose.

My photography is not for everyone. Some people want a very posed photograph with a stiff backdrop or props, and while I do that for schools and groups, that is not what I offer most of my clients. There are many wonderful talented photography business out there that do offer this, and if that is what you are looking for I encourage you to look locally as opposed to going to the large chain stores. But for something that reflects your family’s personality, uniqueness, and the love you have for each other, call me. Fowler Hill Photography is photography that captures life.


Korin Fowler

Photographer for Fowler Hill Photography

P.S. During the months of October thru December, my calendar fills quickly, if this is the case and I cannot accommodate you, I can recommend other local photographers that will be able to. Each professional photographer has his or her own style, and while we are not all the same, most of us will work hard to get your vision of what you want, on camera and into print so you can proudly hang it on your wall.


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