Project 52:1


Chilling with Mr. Bedhead

The first week of January was spent mostly at home being with my sick baby doing all the things that parents do for sick babies (and I won’t go into detail because if you are childless someday you may want children and I don’t want to be the one to dissuade you…). So this photo is what we did that whole time (well in-between the actively ‘sick’ part), sat on the couch and read, gazed into each others eyes, clung to each other (well mostly he to me while I tried to put dishes away one handed). This photo will always remind me of this cuddling time because of his expression and the fact that he isn’t trying to climb, crawl, cruise, bat at, smack, and otherwise be ‘on the go’. Plus I love his spectacular case of bed-head.

Project 52:1 is a weekly photo assignment that I am going to be doing for myself. Its  going to be about my life and family. Ever week I want to take a photo of what my week is like or what our focus is and share it in this project. I would like to update it every Thursday, but I am sure there may be some missing ones or doubles maybe even triples! 🙂 That is life with a family like mine! Here is my P52:1 for Jan. 1-7.


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One response to “Project 52:1

  1. Lin Miyajima

    ❤ beautiful & will be looking forward to updates.

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