The most wonderful

The most wonderful time of the year often becomes the most busiest time of the year. Sure we have a tree, but it’s still outside. We have intentions of putting up christmas lights, but they are still in the box, deep in the closet from last year. Christmas cards? Why yes we have them! But will any of you actually see them? Well then, thats the question 🙂  (and yes I did just use a smiley face as punctuation…).

I have deadlines I’m trying to make for work also, like most of you. And MANY presents to wrap (I love that part! It’s my favorite, but I must find the time). In between all this I really don’t want to miss out on my favorite season…. after all it does only come once a year!

So I have compiled a “TO DO” List for Christmas, so I don’t miss out. I have to do one of these a day so I don’t become a grinch!

1. Bake cookies with the kids (heart grows an extra size if you give some away to a neighbor)

2. Set up the tree with the “Fire Place/Christmas Music” DVD my brother Jeff gave us a few years back. Don’t forget to hang the stockings with care!

3. Make a Christmas craft with the kids! The more paper shavings on the floor and glue stuck to surfaces the better!

4. Listen to “O Holy Night” and cry (anyone with a heart and an iTunes account can do it!)

5. FInd all the Christmas Dishes and actually use them… I think I may have a holiday cheese slicer somewhere…. note to self * do not give a holiday cheese slicer away as a present… ever.

6. Program all the radio buttons in the car to Christmas music (and ‘borrow’ husbands car to go to the store and do the same to his…. hehehe….)

7. Actually send out the Christmas cards this year (not like the Baby announcements, baby shower thank you’s, or the Christmas cards from last year…)

8. Remember that there is only 3 days left to order Christmas Presents on Amazon with there regular Super Saving Shipping option!

9. Eggnog…

10. put some brandy in the Eggnog…


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