A Walk

I started out the day yesterday taking a walk with my grandmother and her twin sister on a trail out behind the house they grew up in. Their 80th birthday is coming up and we talked a lot. They told me they have no idea what eighty is supposed to feel like, because inside they feel the same way as they did at 16. Aunt Laurie interjected at that point and said “except our bodies don’t feel the same!” and they both looked at each other and laughed.  They talked a bit about what had been on the trails when they were growing up. The mine had been active then and there had been buildings instead of the ruins that where there now. They talked about what path they would have taken to get home as girls. How they walked everywhere.

At one point grandma said “if we keep going down this path, I wonder where it will take us”.

“To the Sand Pit” Aunt Laurie said, they talked about playing in the sand pile by the mine when the where kids, but how now it is fenced off. “The mercury” aunt Laurie said.

“That explains a lot” grandma said. We all laughed.


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