Faery Wings

We are featuring Tommy Gleason today, on the Fowler Hill Photography blog. If you are in the kids dance scene of Nevada County, CA, you probably have already met Tommy! He is the guy with the glasses and the camera at pretty much every dance performance! I am sure he does a lot more, but since my girls dance, this is where I have met him. But he does more than capture stunning dance sequences with his camera (in crazy low light I might add… no small feat there!), he is also a wizard at creating faery folk! It is hard to explain, so I will instead, demonstrate…

He took this photo of mine,

did some crazy fairy magic to it …

and all of a sudden I have spritely butterfly fairy princess of my very own!

Tommy usually takes the photographs himself, because he knows just the right way the subject needs to be lighted and posed. Occasionally he surprises people with his custom Faery Art Work from a persons existing photos (this is how I got so lucky!). He is truly an artist at what he does. Tommy was a shy kid, and has been outgrowing it ever since. He says he is now outgoing in many ways, and loves to encourage kids to believe in themselves with open and free minds.  In fact he wrote this poem about why he does what he does,

My wings are for lifting little spirits

Upon the gentle breeze…

Where all can gaze into their eyes

Placing minds at ease…


For looking upon these beings

Brings gladness to one’s heart

At seeing glowing smiles

And the love that they impart


Oh, dear sweet Innocence…

Wings lifting them so high

My own heart longs to join them

To simply soar about the sky


How could i not create wings?

Bestowing them to happy hearts

Watching those eyes open…

And realize with a start:


They are so loved and wanted

The World, after all, takes notice

We reverently watch them bloom

Each as sacred as a Lotus


These faeries will all grow up soon

Whereupon they’ll take the World!

Surely it will be a better place

For the caring they unfurled


The seed upon the heart

Is all we have to give

So do care about the children

And your care will help them live

~Tommy Gleason

If you want your own Faery Session done (and SERIOUSLY who wouldn’t???) please contact Tommy Gleason at tom@ahoymatey.com


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