I remember when summer lasted forever. I didn’t have a care in the world and would blow bubbles and watch them glide gently along the breeze, at least till my brother Christopher would pop them. Sometimes I would tattle on him (sorry mom, I get how annoying that is now 🙂 ), other times I reveled in the game, trying to make the bubbles so numerous he couldn’t possible pop them all. I think of my childhood with so much sweet nostalgia that sometimes I forget that my brother would tie firecrackers (the little kinds) to my barbies, or think one of my dolls was just the right size to test his homemade parachute on (bye bye out the second story window).  I laugh now, what a funny kid my brother was. Everything was a science project (preferably with some sort of destruction at the end). Bubbles, dolls, endless days, dirt, rolling down grassy hills and not getting motion sick (i really miss that one!). And then we grow up. At least I get to revisit childhood for moments every now and again with my kids. I hold those moment close.






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