Ch ch changes….

Time may change me, but I can’t trace time. – David Bowie 🙂

UG. Change sucks is difficult. Even when I know it’s a good thing, and I should be happy. There is a part of me that wants to gather everything familiar and comforting and make my existence as soothing and non changing as possible. My parents are moving (not out of town, just to a different house), and last night my oldest girl (7) was crying (or wailing or weeping, just a lot of tears) because “all of my memories are in that house!”. I held her and tried to explain that it’s the people we build memories with, and that we can always revisit  our memories in our minds, while I was doing this, my inner monologue was saying “me too!!!”.  I am (really when I get over my selfish desire to have everything stay the same) really happy for them, it’s an awesome house and they really do not need 7 bedrooms any longer with all of us gone.  We will  all be making some good memories in that house too, I know it.

More changes are happening every  day at my house too, my oldest in 3rd grade, my middle learning to read, my baby eating cheerios by himself, and pulling himself up to stand (CRAZY He used to be this pink whiney cute blob that ate and pooped).

Here are some car photos I took while in Michigan. I am not a huge car fan (except I do like having one and know they use gas and it gets me places I need to go) but I can pretty much take photos of anything and enjoy myself. These cars are OLD. They have been through decades of change.


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