This has been on my mind for awhile, well really ever since I got my super smart wonder phone that emails, texts, takes pictures, tweets, gets any application I never knew I always needed and cleans my bathrooms (well we are still working on the last one). I find myself ‘checking’ facebook, my email, or just watching the bright pretty colors light up when I touch the screen, when I am ‘spending time’ with my family or friends. I just read this article on yahoo news (I really really tried to find it for you but I couldn’t) the article said that people are getting addicted to their smart-phones and technology. It made me ruminate on my habit, and want to change the way I spend time with my family.

Okay. So. My name is Korin Fowler and I’m an addict. First thing is admitting it right? I do not just stare at the thing all day, I just take it out and pay attention to it sometimes when the kids (or husband) and I are ‘spending time’ together. Returning a business email, texting my friends, facebook stalking… I mean checking my email ;). I thought I was multi-tasking, but this article said I have really been showing my kids a piece of plastic (even an amazing piece of plastic) is more deserving of my undivided attention than they are. It sounds awful, could I be doing that without realizing it? I do not think I need to get rid of the shiny toy… I mean business phone. But I am going to challenge myself to unplug from my phone a few hours a day, when my family and I are doing things together. Sometimes (and this is hard to admit to all of random webdom) I find it hard to just watch the girls play at the park and push them on the swing, when I could be returning a business email, or writing lists of things I need to do. Even when I am nursing the baby I will be on it playing tetris or scrabble. The more I think about it, the more instances I am coming up with that I have not been fully engaged with my familybecause of technology.


I think that under the guise of multitasking I am inadvertently taking away some joy we could be having together.


So I have devised a challenge for myself…. dun da da dun!

My challenge to myself: leave my phone in my purse and only answer the phone (imagine that, a phone that just calls people?) when I am with my family, instead of in my pocket checking for emails 20 times a day among other things.

Phew, not so hard I think, I am definitely up for this challenge -there is still nap time and actual scheduled work time right? :).  You can take this challenge too if you want, even if your challenge is different, like not having your cell at the dinner table, or not playing angry birds during little Suzy’s dance recital, or anything that you think might intrude on you fully enjoying your family and they enjoying you. We can try this out together and reconvene at a later date and discuss if it’s made a difference or not (please! I need a buddy! Remember? I’m an ADDICT! Heck, make it up even, if you want, just so I don’t feel like the only geek with technology issues 😉 ). Here are three out of the four people I am challenging myself for.


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  1. and this doesn’t mean I will quite taking pictures from my phone and uploading them to facebook or updating the world with what we are doing ( I love doing that) and answering my emails in a timely manner, I am just trying to make a conscience effort to not do them while interacting with people I like 🙂

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