Balloons and Cake and Ribbon! Oh MY!

I love birthdays.

I love them.

Love them, love love Love LOVE them! I think of all the warm, happy, magical days when I turned one year older. My family didn’t do extravagant parties; some crepe paper, a cake and some balloons, but that was not the point. On your birthday, you were the center of the WHOLE FAMILY’S universe.  That day, as long as you weren’t mean to anyone, you could say and do anything. If you happened to be at the store with mom on that day, and saw one of those quarter toy vending machines,  instead of her normal answer “no” (which you got EVERY time you saw them) it was a big fat “Yes darling!  Have TWO quarters! It’s your birthday!”.  On your birthday, you choose the evening meal, had ice cream for breakfast and didn’t have to do your chores. On your birthday, people called on the phone for YOU!  I remember feeling so special, so loved. Of course I knew they loved me every other day of the year. But having them all show me, at the same time, how special I was to them made me feel like a princess.

I have always wanted my children to feel that too. I want them to know, to feel, down to their tippy-toes,  that the day they where born was truly one of the best days on the planet for their family. I want them to feel celebrated! I know that throwing a birthday party is just one way to make the day special, but one thing I love only slightly less than birthdays, are PARTIES! I think I do a good job of keeping my inner party monster in the closet most of the year, but two (well, now three, counting Phoenix) times a year I let it out.

I am not afraid to try new ideas (recipes, crafts, etc.), even if the result sucks completely (which has happened quite a few times and I have learned to be okay with it). But this year was not that year, I tried a lot of new-to-me things, and I was pretty happy with the results, (if not completely professional looking, way better than I had anticipated) and of course the best result of all being the big smile on my birthday girl’s face! Here are some pictures of my baby girl’s Rainbow Birthday Party.


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  1. Mary Anne

    You did a great job! I also am a birthday fanatic – this post totally speaks to me. 🙂 It’s always good to find other fanatics because some people don’t understand how truly awesome a birthday is and should be 🙂

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