Ten Things

Ten things I want to remember about today


1. The way Phoenix smelled after his bath, and how he curled his arm around my neck and snuggled.

2. Kalli declaring to the room “This is the best summer day!”. Even though it was a completely low-key day, it was. We were all together, all day (today was Jeff’s day off).

3. Kalli finished her book Judy Moody in two days, I told her we should go to the library and get more. She says “OH! The LIBRARY!!! That is the best place ever!”.

4. Baby said ‘dada (dadadadadadada)” today.

5. Jeff’s reaction to #4.

6. Texting friends, and having picnics with them too.

7. Lilly wrapping herself up with a blanket and yelling “MOM! You have a PRESENT!” Oh boy don’t I!!!

8. Jeff helping with kitchen clean up, it’s always better together.

9. Watching a movie with Jeff (Harry Potter) after the girls went to sleep.

10. Feeling content even when my to-do list grows way faster than it’s execution.


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