Me and You

Happy birthday Jeff,

Eleven years ago, when it seemed like it would hardly be possible to get to the old age of 30, we met. Thirty was very far away, I mean, like ANCIENT! I don’t really even think I thought about it, it being so far away and all. Of course I have a different perspective now :), it doesn’t seem old at all. I really cannot believe 11 years have gone by though, it seems just yesterday (well maybe a few months ago) that we were walking along the Canal by Seattle Pacific and you were telling me that the beautiful sunset I was admiring was really caused by smog. Surprisingly, this was a very strong indicator of our entire lives together. I hyperbolize and you ground me with facts and logic, you get too serious, and I smile and laugh you out of it. You and me, me and you, for eleven (ELEVEN!!!!) years!!! Holy smokes! That is a long time!  I appreciate you dry humor, your amazing smile (when it come out 😉  ), the way you are quiet sometimes, letting me yammer on and on, and you tell me you don’t mind (really I can go on for awhile!). I love the way you play Mouse Trap with our girls, or help them with their bikes, or try and make baby laugh. I like  when you hold my hand when we are walking (and that you were the first boy I ever held hands with). I like that you let me put my cold feet behind your knees and you only grumble about it for a little bit :). I guess I just like you. A lot!  I am happy that you were born 30 years ago today. And I couldn’t find a picture of us in my computer that was when we first dating except this one (sorry I cut half your head off!)! Do you remember? This was when you came down to CA that summer, we were walking by the canal in Nevada City. Then we went to Lake City and had a picnic, and then went to Circus Circus and played games, Ice Skating at Squaw Valley, swimming in Tahoe (SOOO CoLD!!!).  Happy birthday.
When we were young


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