The High Maintenance baby…. or is he?

I saw the funniest baby shirt the other day,  it was a white onsie that said “Victim of Attachment Parenting”. It made me laugh because when it comes to my kids, I am very much a ‘super’ nurturer, whether they like it or not. I don’t  label how I parenting, I need wiggle room. It’s just my personality to want everyone happy all the time, and I am pretty sure it smothers them, and is not always good for them. I confess to wanting to be with my baby all the time (he is my last and I want to soak in the baby newness!), I want him to sleep by us, if he makes a noise I pick him up and try to soothe him. I wear him with my baby wrap when I do chores.  But something wasn’t going as planned, it just hasn’t been working…. he has not been sleeping, he has the most IRRITATING screech ever produced from tiny vocal chords, ever (seriousy EVER! :). It’s truly grating on the eardrums.  So I double up my effort on being there for him, so he doesn’t feel alone, so he knows he is loved. Well, after walking around like friggen zombie for a few weeks (and talking with my mom, some friends, random people in the line at the post office) I came to this thought… perhaps he just wants to be alone sometimes? Perhaps I am SMOOTHERING him with my good intentions?  Oh my goodness! Woops. Well, things have been getting a bit better since I am making sure he gets some time to just chill without being fussed over. It really is amazing how different each child is!


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  1. Again, I can so.relate!

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