10 Quick Easter Photo Tips

Easter is tomorrow, and all of you with kids will be trying to run after the kids snapping pictures, hoping you will get a good one for the family photo album in their Easter finery. Here are some of my tips to get a good photo of wiley children hyped up on Easter candy (it’s almost like herding cats right?!).

1. find a place without a distracting background

2. try to keep your light source to your right, perhaps get an adult or older child to test the light, making sure there are not a lot of shadows (sun and window lighting is the best!)

3. Place the kids where you want them, and give them something to do… opening a plastic egg, looking at an Easter book, give them real or artificial flowers and tell them to smell them (have them interact with any kind of prop that will make the picture look cute and ‘Easter-y’)

4. Get at their level. kneel, crouch, sit on the floor … and do not tell them to look at you and smile, you will get the dreaded ‘picture smile’ which is illegal in 6 countries. You can have them look at you, but if you try and force that smile you will be able to tell in the picture, unless your kids are paid models, it usually doesn’t turn out well.

5. Do interact with them, tell a joke, have them sing an Easter song with you, have dad do a magic show behind you while you click away.

6. Have fun! If you are having fun, the kids are having fun! Be relaxed and laugh a lot, It will get them to laugh, and laughing = picture gold!

7. It is okay, as a last resort for stubborn subjects, to bribe; when all else fails, lollipops = winning!

8. Take tons of pictures, you will get one or two really good ones!

9. Remember to delete because you are only going to show off the few good ones (I am talking, eyes closed, blurry, etc, keep the good ones, but delete the others) there is no point in crowding your computer memory with photos you will not ever look at, because you have a better one of the same subject (really, truly, this one of the more important steps).

10. Share! Don’t hide that gorgeous photo of your adorable kids away in your computer! Get it printed and give a copy to your parents or whoever else you know would love it.

Here is a photo I took of Lilly when she was 3 (she is going to be 6 this June!). If I could change anything, I would get the camera more at her level, so her legs look more proportionate 🙂 I love this picture of my baby girl!



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2 responses to “10 Quick Easter Photo Tips

  1. Great tips Korin! I am pretty much guilty of everything NOT to do. I love this post and I hope I actually learn something from it!

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