before there were three

Taking photographs to document a pregnancy is exciting, and a little intimidating. I want the viewer to see what the parents are feeling, happiness, trepidation, and that overwhelming excitement that soon they will meet one of the most important people in their whole lives. That’s a tall order, and one i cannot possibly accomplish, not with the biggest, fanciest camera and photo enhancing tools. The most I can hope to accomplish is that someday they will look at the photographs and remember how life was at that time. Photographs are amazing tools of memory. In each photograph is a journal for the person reminiscing, life written out in shadow and light. While life careens headlong into the next moment, photographs hold life still for one second. I hope when Erin (the mom featured in today’s blog) looks at her photographs she remembers how her children felt in her arms, what they smelled like (probably graham crackers and playdough), how her girls hair wisped out of it’s pony tail, how her boy wrapped his arms around her, and while looking forwards to this new adventure she can still look at this and remember  how life was before there were three.



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