I miss spring…

Yes, I know winter has really just started, I know I shouldn’t be thinking of the spring air, the cherry blossoms blowing off in the sweet, crisp breeze, those green buds of hopeful promise springing from the frozen earth (Crocus’s and daffodils OH MY!) as if to say “spring is coming! It’s almost here!”, and that giddy feeling deep inside that makes you feel like bursting into song and twirling around (Yes the hills ARE alive with the sound of … SPRING!)…. I know I shouldn’t be…. but I am. It must be the few days of warm air, the absence of rain, frozen hail, and freezing your toes off while wearing three pairs of socks weather. I know the freezing rain will be back before the daffodils bloom, I’m resigned to the fact that fluffy coats will keep residence in the living room, on couches, thrown off in hallways and left in the car (in fact my car has quite a collection of children’s outerware). Spring is not near, but I am thankful for the small taste of non-winter we just got. And to celebrate I’m posting photos of spring like things for us to enjoy until the real thing rolls around.


yeah, thats my kid (the child, not the goat)



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