Year in Review, My favorite wedding

2010 was 365 days of adventure for the Fowler-Hill household. We went to Mexico early in the year with the girls, found out we picked up a little something there (surprise! Baby #3!). Went to ballet and school recitals, went camping, celebrated birthdays (the big 3-0 for me), weddings, and made new friends. Everyone got another year older, the girls started Kindergarten and Second Grade (My mind is still trying to grasp that), and had our baby boy in November. We have all grown in so many ways I can’t list on here because you might stop reading because it’s just to long. On New Years Eve, at 11:45 pm my (very tired) 5 year old daughter started crying that she didn’t want 2010 to end, I can understand why, I was a little sad myself but I can’t wait to see what new adventures 2011 will bring. But before I look forward, I will look back to my favorite moments of 2010, in my life and my business. Starting with my FAVORITE wedding so far…

The Bride & Groom on their wedding Day.

The Bride getting ready.

This photo should be a ‘throw out’ but I love it anyway. The bride had to rush to get ready, and this photo makes me feel what it was like in the moment, everyone was running around. It was fantastic!

The bride’s father had a wonderful old car, which they drove the bride to the wedding location in. It makes me happy to think that just a few minutes before the wedding, the bride and her dad got some time to be with each other, before he gave her away at the wedding.

The car and the bridesmaids…

The groomsman… well their feet at least.

The groom and his mom. I love emotional pictures. I don’t want to just snap a photo of two people smiling for the camera. I want to see love, pride and whatever else they are feeling. This photo is sweet. That is why it’s one of my favorites.

The flower girl and ring bearer waiting to be introduced to the party.

I thee wed…

I ntroducing Mr. & Mrs.

The party was amazing, the cake was pretty good too!

The detail that went into everything was astounding.

Dancing queens!

Even the flowers had bling!


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