The Maddox Family


I spent the day with these two lovely people and their 4 son’s and the 4 son’s wives and their boisterous grandchildren (the youngest was 9 months and the oldest was 10 and there seemed like their was 25 in the middle but I think it was only 8 or 9). There is a saying (I can’t remember exactly so I am sorry if I am paraphrasing badly here) that basically says you can’t go an do something for someone else without getting more than you’ve given back. Such loving and funny people! I hope that someday Jeff and I can look at each-other like this, when we are older and have tons of grandchildren, and I’m making chili in the kitchen and he’s drinking a beer outside with boys while the grandkids are running around laughing and making wonderful kid noises (though I do hope he doesn’t call the house phone with the cell to request more beer to the porch…. yes that did happen, and yes I’m pretty sure it was a joke, and yes she said men never mentally grow out of 6th grade, and yes, I do think she might know what she’s talking about having raised 5 boys!).  It was a great way to spend a saturday, thats for sure.


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