Fun times in October

October 09

So I decided if I was going to invest the time into creating a weblog, I should at least put some of my real life stuff into it too, all work no play makes Korin very bored (or at least slightly uncomfortable).  I will attempt to refrain from using exclamation marks in two thirds of my sentences, and my usage of punctuation facial expressions to a minimum (yes this will be very difficult for me but I will in fact as the song says, survive). In fact just there I wanted to put a smiley and an exclimation point, but I did not. Progress already.

I have two adorable and very sweet kids named Kalli and Angeleigh, they are 6 and 4 and seriously the best, most fun people ever (that may be a mothers bias, but I am not all that convinced). Here are some pictures of them in October, we went to the Hoe-down at their school and each class made a scarecrow (or in some instances the mothers in the class made the scarecrow, thanks for letting me help Kim!). We had such fun (perhaps next blog I shall try and work on not using parenthesis… maybe).


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